Rarely a simple treat generated so much controversy. Loved and hated, Media Hora (Half-Hour) candies have fans and enemies.

There are no grays; either you love them or you hate them. The neutral has no place.

The most curious thing is that, despite their bad reputation, they remain unperturbed in the kiosks of Argentina over the years.

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The ideologist of such a special treat was Rufino Meana, an Asturian from Uribelarrea, province of Buenos Aires. It began to be manufactured in 1952 and is the oldest candy in the country, after the Sugus.

Unlike most treats, the Media Hora (Half-Hour) does not target children. Never in history was the phrase heard: “Mom, buy me a Half Hour.” It is candy for adult people, for a particular type of adult people. There are those who suspect that their habitual consumers have a hidden objective to share’em and that nobody wants’em. And that is achieved only with the Media Hora Candy.

The Media Hora (Half-Hour) also cheats!!! Its color wrap promises something else, but once removed it offers us a rather unattractive black ball. They also come in different colors. One would think that it is because of the variety of tastes, but not: everyone tastes like anethole, an organic compound found in anise and fennel.

Anyway, Media hora (Half-Hour) candies last through time. Perhaps there are those who consume them in secret and punish them in society. Perhaps the myth of ugly and outdated candy is stronger than reality itself. It will be a matter of trying: the next time you pass by the kiosk, give Half Hour a chance.

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